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Serve and drink more water and less juices and sweetened beverages in the classroom

Serve and drink more water and less juices and sweetened beverages in the classroom   Why drink more water? Water has been called a “miracle fluid” because of all the good things it does for your body: Controls body temperature Helps with digestion Carries nutrients to body cells Eliminates waste...

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Fathers Matter! Involve Fathers in Your School Events!

In a recent report from the Society for Research in Child Development, the Society discusses how fathers matter to children's development.  The detailed report is the result of the Society’s meeting of experts on fatherhood who discussed the challenges and recommendations for best practices for incorporating fathers in future studies...

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End of year “Class Party” Healthy Food Suggestions

  The children can participate in preparing these healthy party snacks, along with parent volunteers. It’s a good opportunity to provide families with these snack ideas to use at home.  "VOLCANO" APPLE:  Hollow out an apple with a small paring knife.  Overfill it with non-sugar cereal, snack mix or a...

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Why Pre-School Educators Should Consider Healthy Start Programs?

Healthy Start’s founder and principal developer, Dr. Christine Williams, is a well-known pediatrician from NY Columbia Presbyterian Department of Pediatrics where she practiced for many years.  Her main work at Columbia was driven by her desire to make a difference in the lives of pre-K and Kindergarten children by developing...

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According to the NIEER’s (National Institute for Early Education Research) latest report issued last year, the District of Columbia, Florida, and Vermont have the highest percentage of 4 year olds enrolled in a state-pre-school program.  District of Columbia, Vermont, and New Jersey have the highest percentage of 3 year olds...

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Healthy Start Preschool Health Education Curriculum

The Healthy Start Company was founded in 2001 to provide early educational solutions that promote positive healthy behaviors to help prevent childhood obesity and other risk factors for long-term illnesses later in life.

Our programs are created by our team of the best and the brightest in the fields of obesity prevention, nutrition, physical activity, and educational content. These timely and exemplary programs are extensively researched, evaluated and published in over 20 professional journals.

The programs are designed to be engaging and fun for young children with stories, games, songs and rhymes. They are adaptable to a variety of preschool environments and easy to integrate into any early childhood education curriculum.

Our curriculum is currently being used in over 21 states throughout the nation.

• Colorado
• California
• Connecticut
• Delaware
• Georgia
• Illinois
• Kansas
• Maine
• Maryland
• Michigan


• Missouri
• Nebraska
• New Jersey
• New Mexico
• New York
• North Carolina
• Ohio
• Pennsylvania
• Texas
• Tennessee
• Wyoming