Preschool Health Education Programs

For Teachers and Administrators

Healthy Start Curricula are evidence based health education programs that have been field-tested, researched and evaluated nationwide.

      The Healthy Start program teaches preschoolers (ages 3-6) what is healthy and what is not. Topics taught include:

          • Motor Skills and Coordination
          • What are Healthy Foods and why to eat them
          • Feeling good about yourself
          • The difference between right and wrong
          • The important role of the child in the family
          • The body, how it works, and why to take care of it
          • Germs, hygiene, and sanitation
          • Drugs: what are drugs and what do they do
          • Identifying cigarettes as drugs
          • Getting along with others
          • Identifying dangerous situations and demonstrating safe practices
          • The environment and habitats

        Our programs are easily integrated into current lesson plans

        We provide training and consultation services call:
        (631) 549-0010 ext 114

        Our programs provides educational materials that meet the National Standards.

        We provide information and materials for families to facilitate the practice of healthy behaviors at home

        For Parents: Preschool Teaching Aids

        ​Our parents programs promote healthy eating and increased physical activity in families starting at an early age.

        Incorporates “Go Foods” and “Slow Foods” and other healthy eating concepts as part of a healthy family lifestyle.

        This program provides parents with positive role models for their children to emulate healthy lifestyle choices.