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Healthy Start: Wellness Concepts and Behaviors for children aged 3-5

  • Contains Curriculum Book, a set of 11 classroom posters 
  • Developed by the nation’s leading experts in nutrition, obesity prevention cardiovascular health, curriculum development, dietary assessment and intervention
  • Children discover concepts and practice behaviors through stories, songs, rhymes, art projects and activities
  • Development guided in part by the high/scope theory of active learning


Healthy Start helps to ensure that the roots of a healthy lifestyle are planted firmly when it matters most: early childhood. Initially supported by the National Institute of Health, the comprehensive curriculum was the first preschool health education program substantiated by evidenced based research.

Curriculum Topics and Content:

  • Healthy Start is a 12 unit curriculum centered on the child, their environment, and their family
  • A set of 11 classroom posters

The theories and behaviors children learn through song, story, activities, and fun include:

  • Eating for health
  • Enjoying active play every day
  • Getting along with others
  • Feeling good about “me”
  • Safety and care of the body
  • Saying no to drugs and smoking
  • Taking care of the environment
  • Staying safe in the sun