Healthy Hops: Preschool nutrition and physical activity program

$ 59.95

Healthy Hops: Healthy Eating - Healthy Play for children ages 3-5

  • Developed by the nation’s leading experts in nutrition, obesity prevention cardiovascular health, curriculum development, dietary assessment and intervention.
  • Children discover the body and its amazing systems, as well as the eating habits that keep their own bodies running at peak performance
  • Developed from over 5 years of extensive research and evaluation.


Studies have proven that the earlier a child learns about positive health choices and behaviors the greater the success rate for lifetime application. This curriculum provides the necessary components to implement a healthy eating, physical fitness program.

Curriculum and Teaching Strategies:

  • 3 units covering nutrition and physical activity with more than 25 classroom activities
  • 7 reproducible worksheets to reinforce the classroom lessons
  • Take home activities for the children to share with their families and friends
  • Designed to be easily integrated into lesson plans


Teacher training or coordinator (Train – the – Trainer) workshops are available. Call for details


Healthy Hops is a Preschool/Kindergarten nutrition and physical activity program adapted from the original evidence-based comprehensive Healthy Start curriculum.

Although designed to be used in schools, nursery school classrooms, day care centers, Head Start and Library programs, the activities are easily adaptable to other environments.

Your children learn to make healthy eating choices within the GO Foods and Slow Foods framework in the first section. In the second, children will be encouraged to become physically active, even when they aren’t playing a sport or a game. The last section reinforces the concepts of the first with even more activities.

The text also comes with 5 reproducible Take Home Sheets to send home with parents reviewing the concepts taught in class and providing ideas for more activities at home and a list of suggestions to add to your childrens’ library. It also includes a handy Lesson Preparation Index at the start showing what food preparations are need for each activity on one sheet.