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Towards A Healthy New Year

Dear Healthy Start Colleagues, Teachers and Friends:

Thanks to all of our hard work and efforts, as 2015 comes to a close, Universal Preschool Education is becoming a reality. Part of this education is to insure the physical and emotional wellness of our pre-school children.

Make 2016 a Healthy Start year for your students!

For each order of Healthy Start and/or Animal Trackers, receive Healthy Hops, a pre-school nutrition and exercise program, a $59.95 value, free as part of our 2016 Preschool Education promotion.

Our happy, healthy wishes to all!  

Chris Williams MD, Carolyn Lucca-Black, BJ Carter, Richard Leigh, Joan Beer and Charles Potter

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"We have used the Healthy Start program over the past year and it has been working very well! Our teachers love that it is so user friendly."
Finnula Brown R.D, Nutrition Manager-Northern Fairfield County HS

"The Healthy Start Curriculum is Fantastic! Thank you for creating such an outstanding program. I have been a nutrition specialist for the University of Missouri Outreach and Extension for 29 years and this is one of the best comprehensive health promotion programs for young children that I have ever used"
Mary Collins-Nutrition Specialist Lincoln Public Schools, Lincoln Nebraska

"We use the Healthy Start curriculum in over 15 of our schools and it is an excellent resource. We love the completeness in that it addresses all aspects of health."
Vera Massey Nichols, MS-Nutrition Specialist- University of Missouri

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