Shopping Part 1: A Shopping List is the First Step

Having a healthy a grocery shopping list is a very good place to start on the road to healthier eating.  If you already make grocery list or are about to start, here are some examples of healthy items to put on your list.


Sweetened cereals
Fried potato chips
Traditional cookies
White bread
Pizza with sausage or pepperoni
Beef burger patties
Cream, Alfredo, or vodka sauce
Ice cream
Reduced-fat (2%) or whole milk
Whole milk yogurt
Whole milk cheese
Bologna, salami, pastrami
Fruit in heavy syrup
Ranch salad dressing for dipping
Chocolate syrup
Fruit pops
Frozen French fries
Chicken thighs/legs for frying)
Fruit drink
Whole grain, low sugar cereal
Baked potato chips or unsalted nuts
Small whole grain cookies or fig bars
Whole-wheat bread
Pizza with veggies
Frozen veggie or lean turkey burger patties
Low-sugar, low-sodium marinara sauce
Fat-free ice cream or low-fat frozen yogurt
Fat-free or low-fat (1%) milk
Low-fat and non-fat yogurt
Low-fat or part-skim cheese
Turkey breast or low-sodium ham
Fresh/frozen fruits or canned in water/juice
Bean dip, like hummus, for dipping
Lite (low-sugar) chocolate syrup
Fresh fruit or frozen grapes on toothpicks
Potato (for baking) + fat-free yogurt/salsa
Chicken breasts (for roasting or grilling)
Seltzer water + 100% fruit juice
Fresh fruit + unsweetened tea (tea bags)